About this blog

Customer Service Psychology is the site for anyone interested in how psychological research can increase our understanding of customer service and our ability to deliver it better.

Our aim is to shed light on the psychology of providing customer service, but also to explore the impact of customer service on the recipient, and how we all understand and respond to different standards and styles of service.

In our view, the concept of customer is not limited to transactions involving the handing over of money for a product or service: it incorporates any interaction between someone who is, or should be, providing someone else with something they need, want or have asked for.

We will be posting information, resources and comment on any aspect of customer service that psychology can help illuminate and we would love to hear your thoughts and perspectives too.

About Us – Who we are

We are Amanda Callen, Steve Fletcher and Laura Hedley, all occupational psychologists with a professional interest in the psychology of customer service.

We work variously on consultancy and test development projects for OPC Assessment Ltd and like everyone, we are captive riders of the rollercoaster that is customer service provision.  These are our thoughts on how an appreciation of psychological principles and research can help us all to understand and improve the customer service experience.


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